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A Widows Vision

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Guiding the way to Living & Loving again 

 Patrice MucCular, creator and founder


The Widows Vision is here to provide services to the woman
that has suffered the loss of her spouse. A vision gives us a way to see
things differently. It opens elements that you had not given much
credence and at the same time provides an outside view of the things
that can bring comfort, knowledge and wonder.



In times of bereavement there are so many ways to envision your
plight. Many of us have no real direction. It seems as if a part of you
has dismissed itself and will never return. Yes, that is the feeling, you
reach out to retrieve it and you can no longer feel it. How do I deal with
that? How do I move forward? Who am I now? What will I become?
Looking, watching, observing, and waiting for my new vision to be



This vision for this (A Widow’s Vision) is to have an impact on the future
of the widow, and to console the brokenhearted, to bind up the
wounds and to make a new start.

1. Providing resources and tips- partnerships, meditation/whole again, ways to feel better.
2. Services-Travel, missing an income, recalculating, insurances and banking.
3. Prayer-providing comfort, scripture and healing
4. Tools-hobbies, new interest
5. Peace-yoga, poetry, exercise

6. Fun- friends, movies, caring for yourself
7. Knowledge-books, explorations, using your creative mind, lectures, dreams for the future.

Ways we can help you you through this journey

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