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Introducing Patrice MucCular: My Personal Story
My Name is Patrice MucCular, I became a widow over ten years ago.Over the years, I have pondered in my mind regarding starting a blog to help other women to charter the waters of widowhood. It is a difficult task to take on; however I have been nudged to complete this challenge. My desire is to give widows a place to reevaluate their lives and to keep their focus on their future. There is much life to live and it is important to finish your own course. Before my husband’s demise, together we started a recording project because we both enjoyed singing. Yes, I thought I could not do it without him. However, God blessed the recording company to continue to work with me and the project was finished by interjecting other male vocalist. I happen to be an ordained minister and I was led to open a
new ministry. I am now the proud senior pastor of a church in California. I had many struggles during my grieving period. I actually went to counseling for 20 weeks just to regain my own balance. I later went back to college to work towards my master’s degree and have now completed that task. It is important to find out what works for you. Your children and family will understand that it is necessary to find yourself after a great loss. I must admit I am still working on my redesign and I know God is my ultimate support system.


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